Marc Anthony in Atlanta
Concert Review and More……
 by Natasha for Oassis Salsero (used with permission)

 Two months and forty-five minutes later, Marc Anthony gives Atlanta what they’ve been waiting for - a night where they could see this icon live and full of his usual emotion and energy. He performed at the unique Tabernacle, which was packed with a crowd (naturalmente lleno de Boricuas) ready to see this salsero get down.

Following the band’s appearance out on stage, he kicked things off with "Y Hubo Alguien" then followed with the title track off the same album, "Contra La Corriente". A couple English songs were thrown in there to please all his fans, though it was obvious what the crowd preferred. Continuó con la canción mas pedida, "Hasta Ayer", cuando nos dio la gran sorpresa de la noche. El leyenda Nelson Gonzalez, quien toque el trés, tocó un solo tan
tremendo que se pusó a todo el mundo a pie. For 3-4 minutes he played behind his back, on the floor, and anywhere else you can imagine with such passion and energy that the crowd fed off of it for the rest of the show. It truly was the highlight of the evening (¡ y ya yo había decidido esto antes de conocerle!).
Siguieron con "No Hay Nadie Como Ella" to which I finally got to dance a little (it was that crowded!), followed by the ever popular, "Preciosa" (para aquellos que no sepan, es un lindísimo tributo a Borinquen, mejor conocido como Puerto Rico). So imagínese cuantas banderas fueron tiradas al stage! Marc’s energy level and the way he reacts and reaches out to the crowd was no different with a big club full of fans than at Madison Square Garden. He feeds off the energy of his fans as they shout and sweat and sing along with him.
(Keep reading about Nelson below!)
After somewhat lengthy breaks (probably for dramatic effect), Marc shocked everyone by his next pick….he explained that this was a song he listened to as a child when he was punished and sent up to his room. The only ’45 he had to play back then was "Hotel California" by the Eagles, y si no saben, él empezó a cantar esa vieja canción, just to add a different flavor to the mix. Seemingly appropriate, he ended things with "I Need to Know" which, needless to say, set the crowd for the rest of the night….


The official host of the after-party, PR Productions, set up the Cotton Club downstairs lovely, with their array of DJ’s and a live performance by a local plena and bomba group, Tamboricua. Fernando and his staff made everyone feel right at home (including the line waiting outside) by giving them little PR flags to take with them.

After the concert I had the ultimate privilege to meet and talk with Nelson Gonzalez (courtesy of PRProductions’ VIP room), the famous tres player. Despite his unsurpassed energetic performance, he is a man of humility. After starting playing salsa (or what was becoming known as "salsa") in ’71 with the legendary pianista Larry Harlow ("El Judio Maravilloso"), Gonzalez started playing with Típica ’73 and ended up recording three albums with them. (Me dijo que ellos fueron conocidos por sus formas de siempre estar bien vestidos and put together, o "bien nice").

Between going back and forth performing with the Fania All-Stars, this legend went to Africa and recorded two charanga albums. Some more highlights of his career include: working on a Broadway musical, performing at a President’s inauguration, and playing everything (and with everyone) from música folklórica to salsa and son to charanga y más…..

Hablando de sus proyectos recientes, Nelson just worked on a movie ("Como Mi Ritmo No Hay Dos") about the legendary Cachao. He has contributed to four Grammy award- winning albums, and is currently on seven recently released albums (incluyendo los de Gloria Estéfan, Conga Kings, Eddie Palmieri con Tito Puente, and his own Son Mundano).

After talking as though we’d known each other for years, I found out that Nelson has his own son group, "Son Mundano" who’s second release ("Back to Basics") will be out this September. If Nelson’s own talents weren’t enough to attract you, add the amazing sounds of Papo Lucca, Andy Gonzalez, Giovanni Hidalgo, and his own son, Joseph Gonzalez. (As Marc would say, "check it out!"). I couldn’t have asked for a better way to wrap things up…..
Natasha for Oasis Salsero