Tony Rodrigueztribute:
 September 26th 2001 at La Maganette:

Nelson Gonzalez and his band Son Mundano are joined by a legion of
New York's greatest Latin music talents.

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mag1.jpg (35234 bytes)
Nelson and Vicki Sola
WFDU 89.1 FM

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Vicki's introductory
Rolex Replica Watches remarks honoring
Tony Rodriguez

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Eddie Zervigon 
and Jose Fajardo

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Many thanks to 
DJ Jeff, a.k.a.
Jeffrey Stennett
mag7.jpg (39014 bytes)
Jesse Leandro
 Herrero, from Son Sublime on Guiro
mag9.jpg (36466 bytes)
Eddie Zervigon 
and Jose Fajardo
mag10.jpg (26513 bytes)
Alfredo Valdez Jr.
mag12.jpg (33805 bytes)
Connie Grossman 
from Son Sublime
mag14.jpg (39596 bytes)
Willie Cintron and
Andy Gonzalez
mag17.jpg (43946 bytes)
Nelson Jr.
mag18.jpg (37604 bytes) mag19.jpg (42594 bytes)
Little Johnny Rivero
mag20.jpg (35527 bytes) mag21.jpg (37093 bytes) mag23.jpg (22322 bytes)
Ramon Martinez
mag2.jpg (40754 bytes)
Jimmy Bosch
mag16.jpg (31355 bytes)
Andy Gonzalez
mag22.jpg (43179 bytes)
Ralph Irizarry
mag26.jpg (41645 bytes)
Nelson's Autograph
mag27.jpg (37044 bytes)
Vicki Sola
mag11.jpg (32687 bytes)
Thanks to the
mag13.jpg (27625 bytes)
Nelson autographs
his new CD for a fan
mag24.jpg (22592 bytes) mag6.jpg (37737 bytes) mag5.jpg (30055 bytes)
Only the best!
mag4.jpg (42931 bytes)

vickibene1.jpg (21349 bytes)
Vicki's WFDU FM benefit event 
on Nov. 11th

frankieportrait.jpg (32275 bytes)
vickibene2.jpg (22446 bytes)
Vicki and her Son Frank and NYPD members on Nov. 11th
mag28.jpg (31400 bytes)
Nelson Jr.
and friend

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