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Nelson and Danny Rivera

"Somos de un mismo barro, de un mismo barro y un corazon." (We are all from the same clay, same earth and one heart.)

Recorded in 1997, Son Mundano is a sampling of world music, including various instrumentations and musical styles, all exploring the expressive capabilities of the cuban Tres guitar. Listening samples available at Amazon.com.

Song List:

Danny Rivera

1. "Son Mundano" 
Danny Rivera and Nelson Gonz?lez
2. "No tienes porque llorar"
Danny Rivera and Nelson Gonz?lez  
Chosen as the Theme Song for the 2001 
Latino Commission On Aids Benefit
8. "Dale amor":
Laura Reyes, Vocals
3. "Alma m?a"
G.Rojas, Danny Rivera, vocal.
9. "Elisa":
Danny Rivera
4. "Yo quisiera parar de fumar":
Yosuani Caballero,  Nelson "Yankeeman" Gonz?lez Jr., Vocals
10. "Somos del mismo barro":
Argelia Buttrago
5. "Alma con Alma"
Juanito Marquez
11. "Los feos":
Teresita Fernandez , Laura Reyes, Vocals
6. "Hablemos cara a cara":
Joseph "Kike" Gonz?lez and Laura Reyes, Vocals
12. "Serenata en tambores": Franz Schubert, arr. by Danny R.ivera

Arrangements: Jose "Cheguito" Encarnacion, Eduardo Reyes, Ranon Sanchez
Lead Vocalists
: Danny Rivera, Laura Reyes, Joseph "Kike" Gonz?lez, Azuquita.
Musicians include:

Nelson Gonz?lez Tres
Papo Lucca Piano
Eduardo Reyes Piano
Martin Nieves Keyboards
Juan Sorroche Guitarra
Neftal? Ortiz Cuatro
Elisa Torres Harp
Wilfredo "Freddy" Rivera Bass
Pedro P?rez Bass
Jos? "Cheguito" Encarnaci?n Flute
Vicente Castillo "Cusi" Trumpet
Jorge Diaz Trombones
Giovanni Hidalgo Congas
Sammy Garcia Congas
Hector Mel?ndez Congas
Orestes Villato Bongo and timbales
Jos? V. Jim?nez "Pepe" Drums
Yayo "El Indio" Coro
Jean P?rez Coro
Claudia Heredia Coro
Vilma Morales - Coro

With love and admiration to Arsenio Rodriguez, El Nino Rivera, Isaac Oviedo, Eliseo Silverio, Libano, Arturo, Luis "Lija", Mario Hernandez and all of the caribbean Tres players that have taken the music of the Tres throughout the world.

Liner Notes
With music we celebrate important events in our lives. We celebrate the birth of Franck Muller Replica a child, anniversaries, dance parties, we mourn, earn money, laugh, cry, work, and sing. It's a human expression, and like everything that's human we don't see it in the air, but in certain concrete human conditions. Like humans, discographic productions have a place of birth, date, and special circumstances that make them reproduce, make history, and take on lives of their own. 

Proof of that is Son Mundano, in which we exposed all of those experiences lived by our artist in the '70's. In Nelson's own words:

"When I went to Cuba as part of the Fania All-Stars group I had the privilege of meeting Isaac Ubiedo and Nino Rivera, two of my Tres playing idols. On my second trip, thanks to musicologist Rene Lopez, I was able to spend a few days in Nino's house. When I left he gave me his Tres with the commitment of integrating it to new dimensions bounding with it our musical-spiritual friendship between Cuba and Puerto Rico." 

This experience has been the most transcendental in Nelson's life, and led the inspiration for Son Mundano. Nelson Gonzalez is a virtuoso musician who has exposed the rhythms of "El Son" and his Tres, with great respect to Cuban roots, yet adding his peculiar Caribbean style. Dissar Records is proud to present for your consideration Nelson Gonzalez and Son Mundano, because "We are All of the Same Clay, Same Earth, and one Heart."
Danny Rivera and Nilsa Guitierrez

Recorded at Pentagrama Studio, Guaynabo PR. Dissar Records

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