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Nelson just returned from playing the Tokyo Blue Note with Eddie Palmieri.
Nelson will perform at the Los Angeles Cuban Music Festival in conjunction with the Arsenio Rodriguez Project. Details here: 

Los Angeles Cuban Music Festival

Nelson's Band, Son Mundano is:   
Tres and Coro: Nelson Gonzalez,Vocalist:Louis Rosas,Best Replica Watches Trumpet: Chocolate Armenteros,  Bass: Willie Cintron,  Percussion and Coro: Nelson "Yankeeman"Gonzalez Jr.

Son Mundano

Renee Lopez Jr., Willie Cintron, and Tony Rosa (above)

Nelson, Nelson Jr., Louis Rosas and Willie Cintron (above), Nelson and Chocolate (left).


To Book Nelson's Band, Son Mundano,
Email Nelson at

We will keep the music going: It is who we are
Our spirits still dance.
Our fingers still play. 
The rhythms cannot be defeated. 
Through our congas we hear each other's hearts and share our strength.